This is a transcription of the biography of Isaac Ashton of White Creek from History of Washington County, New York with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some if its Prominent Men and Pioneers, Philadelphia: Everts & Ensign, 1878.

Isaac Ashton was born April 2, 1797, in the house now occupied by Willard and William Lawton, about a half-mile west of the Ashton place of a later day. He was a son of Deacon John Ashton, and grandson of Major James Ashton, who were the first settlers in Ashgrove, from whom the place derived its name. He was united in marriage, Dec. 1, 1825, to Anna Maria Beveridge, daughter of Rev. Thomas Beveridge, who was sent from Scotland to this country as a missionary, and was the first minister settled in Cambridge, and sister of the Rev. Dr. Beveridge, of Xenia, Ohio, and of Mrs. Jennett Lourie, of Jackson. She was born Sept. 12, 1798, and was baptized by Rev. William Marshall, then of Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Ashton early in life became members of the Associate Presbyterian church of Cambridge. They had eight children, four of whom are living, viz.: Dr. John Ashton, a physician at Centre Cambridge; Thomas Beveridge Ashton, noted as an entomologist, residing in Leavenworth, Kansas; Mrs. Jennett Ashton Darby, and her sister, Mary Ashton, residing at the Ashton homestead.

Mr. and Mrs. Ashton moved here in 1826, and lived her till their death. Mrs. Ashton died Sept. 11, 1858. Mr. Ashton departed this life Feb. 3, 1871. His last words were, “There are rivers of pleasure at Thy right hand forevermore.”

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